Instrument Hire

Instrument Hire (terms and conditions)

  1. If the violin is broken, lost or deemed unrepairable the replacement cost is £120.
  2. If a bow is broken the replacement cost is £15.
  3. Broken strings and lost rosin are to be replaced by parents although Mr Smith will fit strings free of charge.
  4. You may wish to insure instruments to the value of £120.

Caring for the Violin

  1. Loosen the Bow after each practice session by turning the screw.
  2. Clean excess rosin from the violin with a clean duster.
  3. Don't not apply cleaning products to the instrument this will damage the varnish. A damp duster should be sufficient to clean off finger marks and rosin.
  4. Please keep the violin somewhere not too hot or cold because the expansion of the wood can cause cracking.
  5. If any strings or bridge comes loose it is best to see Mr Smith to fix.