Terms & Conditions

Communication and Payment

  • All communication regarding lesson details will be provided directly from the Teacher at the start of term.
  • All future payment requests will be sent out via email, and to ensure lessons are able to run at the start of term it is essential that payments are made by the deadline.
  • If you have paid for your child to have a 20 minute shared lesson this will only be applicable if there are enough applicants for the scheme. Alternatives can be offered through discussions with the Teacher including individual lessons for either 20 min fortnightly or by upgrading to an individual lesson.

Lesson Scheduling and Cancellation

  • 33 lessons are offered over a three-term academic year and will be arranged by your music teacher; this equates to 11 lessons per term.
  • Lessons will be invoiced over the year in advance of lessons starting. Non-payment of fees will lead to immediate withdrawal of tuition.
  • Lessons missed by pupils due to exams, school trips, short term illness, emergency closure of school, pandemic, flooding, snow etc. will not be made up or refunded. If your child would like to cease their tuition, a term’s written notice is required.

Pandemic - Individual and Shared Lessons

  • Lessons affected by a pandemic will commence on an online platform and students can continue to send video assessments and will receive regular feedback on their independent progress. Non-participation will not lead to a refund.

Pandemic - Whole Class Lessons

  • Option 1: Online resources would be prepared that the music teacher would distribute via the school to be used in a school setting or at home.
  • Option 2: Children receive a whole class lesson via an online platform in school using the same instrument each week in their bubble. This class would need to be staffed appropriately in school to ensure that this option would be viable.

In School Regulations

  • Children will need to come out of class during the school day for their lessons. It is expected children will catch up with their learning as agreed by the class teacher.
  • Smith Music School are not responsible for escorting children to and from lessons. Your child's school is responsible for pupils outside the actual lesson time according to their own Health and Safety policies.
  • Smith Music School does not accept liability for loss or damage to pupils’ instruments or personal possessions.
  • Please note you will need to check the specific start date directly with the school or music teacher. Lesson times will be termly and agreed through parents directly.